Everyday Hero Awards in Division 70

Kiwanis Pacific Northwest District
Lt. Governor's Everyday Hero Awards

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More than 80 million American volunteers....compassionate men, women and children who, bit by bit, earn quiet satisfaction comforting the needy. Their names donít usually make the headlines, but they keep our nation great. They reflect the diversity of our people and remind us of what we can still be folks next door who just happen to be outstanding citizens.

--Adapted from A Salute to Everyday Heroes, Newsweek Magazine

Lt. Governor Loni Barrett's Everyday Hero Recipients

Barb Chesbrough
West Salem Kiwanis Club
Awarded October 4, 2007

Keith Murphy
Canby Kiwanis Club
Awarded June 3, 2008

Clarence Kaufman
Canby Kiwanis Club
Awarded November 6, 2007
Jean Wahlster
Silverton Kiwanis Club
Awarded June 3, 2008
Earl Schroeder
Capital Kiwanis Club
Awarded November 7, 2007
Cord Thomas
Nominated by Molalla Kiwanis Club
Awarded February 3, 2008
Eric Howard
Salem Kiwanis Club
Awarded May 6, 2008
Dan Schultz
Molalla Kiwanis Club
Awarded May 14, 2008
Steve Sanchez
Capital Kiwanis Club

Awarded May 28, 2008

Everyday Heroes Make Things Happen

Each and every day people in your community go out and do the things that need to be done simply because they need to be done. They ask for nothing in return. They are the EVERYDAY HEROES in our society.

Originated as a Governorís Project in 1998-1999 by Governor Jerry St. George, the Everyday Hero program asks that all clubs seek out the Everyday Heroes of their community, bring them to a club meeting or other public gathering and recognize their contribution by awarding them an Everyday Hero certificate and/or medal. In this way, Kiwanis can thank them for what they do to make life better for others and the community better for all of us.

These heroes need to be recognized for what they do and we need to be the ones to do it! While the Everyday Hero program is a district project, each club sets their own criteria for selecting Everyday Hero recipients. While the award may certainly be given to a Kiwanian, it is recommended that the majority of recipients be from outside the club. The recognition is an outstanding way to show the community what we value as Kiwanians. Some recipients may even choose to join us!

It is recommended that the certificate be framed or put in an attractive folder for presentation. A very attractive Everyday Hero Medal is also available and is recommended as part of the presentation.

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